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Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner asks for more money

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has made a public announcement calling for support for his campaign to get what he sees as a fair share of government money.  According to Tim Passmore, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk, our neighbours in Norfolk receive a disproportionately high level of funding when compared to the demands the country exposed to.

Speaking on a news item published on the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce website Tim Passmore sets out a part of his case for more cash by pointing out that Suffolk is home to five military establishments, a nuclear power station and one of the largest container ports in Europe.  Taking these factors into account he considers that Norfolk receives a disproportionately high level of funding.  Mr Passmore goes on to raise the issue of the high level of deprivation that exists in Suffolk.

Tim Passmore is lobbying for changes to the formula that is used by the government, and in particular Policing Minister Brandon Lewis to make it fairer.

Click here to find out how you can help Tim Passmore with his campaign…



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