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Residents’ parking offered to Stoke (Ipswich) again

Suffolk County Council asks residents of Stoke if they want a residents’ parking scheme.

Residents and business owners in the Stoke area of Ipswich are being consulted about their desire for a possible new residents’ parking scheme.  Parking in this area of Ipswich has been a challenging issue for many years.  Because the Stoke area (in South Ipswich) is so close to the town centre is is popular with people who visit from out of town and do not wish to pay for parking while shopping.

Free parking for visitors to Ipswich

It is also well known by residents that the streets of Stoke are used by commuters who travel to London every day.  On days when Ipswich Town Football Club are playing at home parking in any of the roads in the Stoke area are packed with the vehicles of football fans.

There is also evidence to suggest that people park their cars on the streets of Stoke when on holiday or travelling abroad.  It’s only a short walk from anywhere in Stoke to Ipswich Railway station, and for £10 anyone can catch a bus to Stansted Airport.  Leaving your car outside someones house in Stoke is certainly much cheaper than paying for airport parking.

Most of the streets in the Stoke area of Ipswich were built many years before car ownership was taken into consideration by planners.

The problem and the suggested solution

Parking for the residents of Stoke is difficult.  Being unable to park within a few hundred yards of ones home is not only inconvenient, it also has the potential to be dangerous.  Residents find it difficult to get their children safely from their vehicles to their homes.  The density of parked vehicles also reduces the visibility for through-traffic.  Streets like Rectory Road are a popular short cut for many local motorists, which when combined with the sheer volume of parked vehicles makes safely crossing the road difficult for pedestrians.

Suffolk Highways, a department of Suffolk County Council, has distributed leaflets detailing a proposal for a residents’ parking scheme in the Stoke area of Ipswich.  At this stage the plans are not set in stone, and the residents of Stoke are being asked for opinions.  Businesses located in this area of Ipswich are also being consulted.  Both domestic residents and local businesses can give their opinions to Suffolk Highways by completing a short survey on the consultation leaflet or by completing an online survey.

This is not the first time a residents permit parking scheme has been proposed in the Stoke area of Ipswich.  The result of previous consultations showed that the people of Stoke did not want a permit parking scheme.

Residents parking schemes – the objections

It would appear at first glance that the residents of the Stoke area would likely welcome a parking scheme, but permit parking schemes can be a double-edged sword.  One of objections raised related to the cost of permits, and how much extra households with more than one vehicle would have to pay.  Parking schemes can also make it more challenging for friends and families of residents to visit.  There are also concerns about how restricted parking might negatively affect customers and clients of businesses based in the area.

Stoke parking scheme – the facts

If a permit parking scheme were to be enforced it would follow the same rules as other four parking zones in Ipswich.  The Stoke parking scheme would become Zone 5.

The conditions of the proposed zone 5 would be (as quoted from the aforementioned consultation leaflet):

  • One permit per household at a cost of £35 per annum for the first permit (interchangeable between any vehicle)
  • One permit per household at a cost of £60 per annum for second permit (interchangeable between any vehicle)
  • Business permit available at a cost of £200
  • Residents Parking controlled periods 8am – 6pm Mon to Sat.  Non-residents can park in bays up to 1 hour free by displaying time clock (these issues free to the resident with first permit)
  • Visitor permits can be purchased (£1 per day – maximum 50 permits available – resident must have a permit to purchase

What streets will Zone 5 include?

  • Ashley Street
  • Austin Street
  • Bell Close
  • Bradley Street
  • Brickfield Close
  • Bullstrode Road
  • Croft Street
  • Hartley Street
  • Kenyon Street
  • Littles Crescent
  • Luther Road
  • Martin Road
  • Pauline Street
  • Philip Road
  • Purplett Street
  • Rectory Road
  • Seymour Road
  • Station Street
  • Stoke Hall Road
  • Turin Street
  • Tyler Street
  • Vaughan Street

Zone 5 will also include parts of:

  • Felaw Street
  • Great Whip Street
  • Wherstead Road

Have your say on the proposals

If you live or own a business in the area affected by the proposed new parking scheme you can have your say by completing the leaflet you will have received.  You can also tell the council what you think about their plans by going to the online survey detailed on the leaflet.

A residents parking scheme will not be imposed if there is not a clear majority of support.



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