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The lost music venues of Ipswich

Ipswich has always had a lively music scene.  But in much the same way that bands come and go, so we lose venues.  The Ipswich music venues that are no longer with us are worth taking a moment to remember.  It’s not just the musical memories these defunct venues hold for us, they were also places of friendship, love and occasional headaches.

Do you remember any of these venues?  Let us know in the comments section.

Most of these photos were taken by Andrew Culture and are taken from the Ipswich Gigs archives.

Pump and Grind
Pump and Grind. The closure of Pump and Grind happened just before Christmas 2016. This photo was taken 02/02/17.

The Ice Bar
The Ice Bar. Photo taken 25/05/01. There was another venue / nightclub above the Ice Bar called Fire Bar.

The venue known as Digbys was behind Suffolk College and part the Student Union. Photo taken 07/11/01.

The Giles Tavern
The Giles Tavern is a venue that has been known by many different names over the years. For a brief while it was used as a music venue. This photo was taken on 09/11/01.

The Royal Oak
The Royal Oak had a long history of live music. After extensive renovations (including the demolishing of a wall) The Royal Oak became great place to place. This photo was taken on 13/07/05

Vagabonds was a coffee shop on Princes Street in Ipswich town centre that put on the occasional gig. We didn’t have a photo of the outside so here’s a photo of Things Found In Sharks playing a gig at Vagabonds. This photo was taken 15/01/05

zest venue
Zest (nee Hollywoods) put on gigs on Monday nights for a couple of years. This photo was taken 03/10/05

Premier Pool Club
Premier Pool Club was quite legendary as a venue. If you had more than twenty people at a gig it was unbearably hot, even if the depth of winter. Photo taken 06/06/01

The Prince of Orange
The Prince of Orange A.K.A Double-O and Bar Fontaine. This photo was taken 02/02/17



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