Proposed new Orwell bridges

New Orwell Bridges – first look

Recently we revealed that Ipswich is likely to get two new bridges to cross the River Orwell.  The project has been awarded to Foster + Partners who have published some images to show what the two new river crossings might look like.  While these plans aren’t final they do reveal some of the current thinking about what forms the new bridges may take and where they will be located.  With the kind permission of Suffolk County Council we can reveal the Foster + Partners concept images and what they can tell us.

New Orwell Bridge

This aerial image shows the new flats on Stoke Quay on the right, and the area of land previously known as ‘The Promenade’ on the left.  Also visible is Felaw Maltings.  What appears to be missing from these conceptual images is the Fairline and Spirit Yachts buildings that are currently on this land (on the Neptune Marina side).  Also absent is the new tidal barrier being built at the end of Bath Street.  However, it is interesting to see where the two new structures meet the banks of the River Orwell on either side.  It is also interesting to see how the area would look if more trees were planted.

Proposed new Orwell bridges

In this version of the concept images we can see a bridge that is segregated (between road traffic and pedestrian traffic) joining The Promenade with New Cut West.  The bridge would connect next to The Steamboat Tavern, creating a small plaza.  In the distance we can see the second bridge leaving the West Bank of the Orwell from the Cliff Road area.  There have been some concerns raised locally about how a low, fixed bridge of this nature might affect river traffic.

Concept image of the new Orwell Bridge

This concept image of the larger of the two new Orwell bridges shows how the bridge might be separated into two decks; one for motor traffic and the other for pedestrians and cyclists.  The design of the bridge is sleek and modern, but also reflects and compliments the design of the current Orwell Bridge.

Possible new Orwell bridge

In this final concept image we get a closer look at what the bridge between The Promenade and New Cut West might look like.  It would appear that the curved design of the bridge could neatly connect pedestrians and cyclists to the recently redeveloped waterfront walkway that runs along Stoke Quay.

What is your impression of these concept images?  Let us know in the comments section below.



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