Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017 Gallery – Saturday

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About Ipswich Maritime Festival

Ipswich Maritime Festival has become a much looked forward to event on the historic waterfront of Ipswich.  Over the last twenty years the waterfront in Ipswich has undergone a dramatic transformation.  Many of the old industrial parts of the docks have gone and have been replaced with residential complexes and leisure facilities.  For one weekend each year the dockside is transformed into a vibrant festival of food, music, art and history.

We sent one of our photographers down to the Ipswich Maritime Festival for a wander through the stalls.  Ipswich has a brilliant reputation for the arts and is home to many brilliant food producers, and we wanted to capture what was on offer for visitors to this great festival.

Have a look through our Ipswich Maritime Festival gallery.  If you spot yourself please get in touch and let us know.  We have published several photos of people riding ‘The Booster’ in the fun fair part of the festival.  If you are in any of our photos please get in touch, we’d love to send you a high quality version of the image as a keepsake of the day.



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