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Suffolk; the ideal dog lover holiday destination

If you’re a dog lover then you’ll love a holiday in Suffolk.

With so many pubs, coffee shops, beaches and tourist attractions welcoming dogs, it’s the perfect destination to enjoy some quality time with your dog

And on top of all that, we’ve even got holiday cottages for the dog lover seeking a holiday! I know this as it’s my business to know it. Literally. I own a holiday cottage business in the rural heart of Suffolk and the dog lover is our customer!

Once safely nested in their Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage, the biggest thing that the dog lover is after when enjoying a holiday at home is the pub. After that it’s a walk with the dog, other it’s in one of our fabulous forests, around one of our lovely lakes or a stroll beside the seaside on one of our beautiful beaches.

Dog-Friendly Pubs
One of the first things that holidaymakers in Suffolk notice is the sheer amount of dog-friendly pubs. They don’t all take dogs but many do. Simply because so many people in Suffolk own dogs and, like going to the pub! And because we get so many dog owners holidaying here.

dog in a pub
Take your dog for a pint in Suffolk!

We can’t simply list them here as there are so many and it be unfair to any we leave out but rest assured that a large majority of great Suffolk pubs accept dogs so you can enjoy a pint or a glass of wine and a fab pub meal, with your best friend. I write extensively about these on my own websites to aid our guests. They’re also there for anyone simply coming to Suffolk so feel free to check them out.

Dog-Walkindog on a Suffolk beachg in Suffolk
We have some amazing forest walks, such as Thornham Walks, Rendlesham Forest and Thetford Forest. The former is a nice little easy one along the A140 and the other two are huge all-daters if you wish. One to the East of Suffolk and one to the West.

Suffolk also has some picturesque lakes including Needham Lake, Hoppit Wood in Debenham and Alton Water in Stutton to name but a few and again, I write about these for all to see.

Dog-Friendly Beaches
This is another big item on the tick list of the intrepid dog lover. And with so many amazing beaches to choose from, Suffolk is the perfect place for your dog’s holiday. Oh, you can come too!

Aldeburgh, Southwold, Thorpeness, Felixstowe, Dunwich and Walberswick should get you started. There are some calendar restrictions on some of the beaches, where dog owners are requested to use designated parts. And you’ve guessed it, I write about these too so do check out the info I have for you on our main cottage website, as well as our tourist guide site

I hope that’s been helpful and do feel free to contact me for any further info, whether you are looking to come and stay or not. I don’t bite!

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Dogs on a Suffolk beach photo

suffolk river
In addition to many beaches Suffolk also has some great rivers



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