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Pacitti Company Announces their Autumn Programme for 2017: Education, Science and Art.

Pacitti Company are delighted to announce the next season of Think Tank events for Autumn 2017. The programme will go on sale on Friday 7 July on the Company’s new website which launches today.

This new season of talks, courses and Salons is best described as reclamation of space. The Pacitti Company Think Tank is based at the Victorian Wing of the Ipswich Museum and Art School, and had previously been used as classroom space for the School’s arts and science programmes. Opening to the public in September 2012, this year marks 5 years of the Think Tank’s activity, from the inaugural SPILL Festival in Ipswich, to regular talks and Salons from national and international artists. The Autumn programme celebrates the venue’s educational purposes and history.

The year 2017 also celebrates the 10 year anniversary of SPILL Festival of Performance, which began its journey between London and Ipswich in 2007. The Festival returns in 2018. This year, the work of Pacitti Company focuses on the people of Ipswich and Suffolk of all ages and backgrounds who can access the programme from any entry point – be it at a young age with the Toddler Orchestra, as teenagers with A Crash Course in Performance Art, or the Older Artists Group for artists aged 50+ which begins this Summer.

The programme also includes: FEAST: Breaking Bread: To The End with artist Leo Burtin which poetically explores our connections between food, cultural identity and memory; Salons presented by previous local SPILL artists Mark Offord and Justin Hopper; a Sound Lounge hosted by Duduetsa, and a personal Salon presented by Liz Atkins Reimaging Compulsive Skin Picking: Art As A Tool For Recovery where Liz discusses how she confronted the condition head on through performance art.

Artistic Director and artist Robert Pacitti says about this new programme: “The Think Tank opened to the public on 19th of September 2012 with a programme launch for that year’s upcoming Ipswich SPILL Festival. This was attended by lots of local stakeholders and folk interested to see what we had made of the building. The event was packed, and from the off we knew the site was going to function well. Across the next few months we bedded down our first season of events, curated with local and national audiences in mind. Sessions that perhaps at first appeared a little provocative – such as salons on blood or death – were kept deliberately accessible in their marketing and execution, however serious their content. But while I hoped the eclectic mixed programme would have broad appeal, I knew that only time would tell…

Today Pacitti Company welcomes broad audiences to a rolling programme of accessible affordable public events, led by artists and experts from a range of diverse fields. From talks to courses, residencies and feasts, to research groups and kids activities, all fuelling future SPILL Festival thinking and generating material for new projects.

We encourage everyone in Suffolk to access our programme in whatever way they can – attend with a smaller noise maker, encourage your teenage artist of the future, or delve a little deeper into an artist’s personal process”

For more information on Pacitti Company, their previous work and their story, visit the brand new website www.pacitticompany.com. Join their mailing list for future news, and to keep up to date on their expanding programme of events.



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