gunpowder plot suffolk

The Gunpowder Plot and a Suffolk man’s part in it

Posted by - November 5, 2017

In 1605, an event, eighty-eight days from initiation to end, with thirteen main characters, two pairs of brothers, cousins, marriages, a planned assassination of a king and kidnap of a princess, 36 barrels of high explosives, plague, betrayal, thirteen deaths: eight by execution, one of natural causes and four in a last stand shoot-out and

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Milkmans Magic Wallet milk float

Milkman’s magic wallet – remembering Suffolk

Posted by - October 14, 2017

The Milkman’s magic wallet – what was it? I grew up in rural Suffolk in the 1970s and 80s, and without wishing to get too misty eyed about the past I do sometimes find my self pondering how different daily life is for anyone growing up today.  There are several really big differences that have been

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Black Shuck - SO Suffolk

Black Shuck

Posted by - October 6, 2017

Imagine, if you will, a sixteenth century village on the coast of East Anglia. It is August, but an enormous storm has taken hold and the sky is dark and rain hammers the ground with force. A congregation are cowering inside a small church, hiding from the ferocious weather, the sounds of which are deafening

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Ipswich Railway Station on Croft Street Ipswich

Ipswich Railway Station – on Croft Street!

Posted by - January 30, 2017

Ipswich Railway Station was not always where it is now. Croft Street, situated in the south side of Ipswich in the area known as “over Stoke” (meaning “on the other side of Stoke Bridge from the town centre”) is today a strange mixture of the ancient and the modern.  Stand at the bottom of the

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Premier Pool Club Ipswich

The lost music venues of Ipswich

Posted by - January 29, 2017

Ipswich has always had a lively music scene.  But in much the same way that bands come and go, so we lose venues.  The Ipswich music venues that are no longer with us are worth taking a moment to remember.  It’s not just the musical memories these defunct venues hold for us, they were also

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5 history facts about Ipswich

5 amazing facts about the history of Ipswich

Posted by - January 4, 2017

If you have lived in or near Ipswich for a while you may know some interesting facts about the history of the town.  But there are also some amazing facts about the history of Ipswich that you might not know about.  Ipswich is a very old town and has many hidden fascinating secrets. Ipswich is

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